Limecrete sub base for slabs using St Astier Natural Limes

Ingredients - 200 KGs NHL 5 per cubic metre of well graded sharp sand 6mm to 0.075mm

Mixing - Mix dry to achieve a uniform colour in a pan mixer or roller pan mill, slowly add clean water until the correct moisture is achieved (semi dry), just sufficient to allow mix to bind when squeezed in hand. Free fall mixers can cause balling.


Outdoors: lay on a compacted sub base of clean 50mm screened aggregate (75mm minimum).

Should a membrane be required use a geotextile (not polythene).

Indoors: lay on a compacted sub base of clean 75-50mm aggregate (100mm minimum). The greater the thickness of the sub-base, the better the insulation properties. Damp proof membranes are not necessary.

Laying- Placed in a single layer of 50mm. It should be well rammed either by hand or with a mechanical compaction plate to the desired level.

Form mechanical key and lay a further 20mm layer loose ready to set down slabs. Lay slabs as normal.

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