Hydraulic Lime

External Rendering using St Astier NHL

Wet surface if dry.

A stipple coat (4 parts lime to 5 parts sand) may be required if surfaces are of different materials. Apply up to 3mm thick.

Apply 10mm scratch coat using NHL 3.5 and sharp washed sand at 2 sand:1 lime ratio by volume adding fibres if specified. Mix dry for 5-10 minutes and for 5 minutes after adding water.

Allow to cure (3-5 days depending on conditions). Cross scratch to provide keying.

Mist surface. Apply straightening coat 10mm thick using 2.5:1 ratio by volume. Allow to cure. Scratch using devil float.

Mist surface. Apply finish coat using NHL 3.5 and sharp sand at ratio 2.5:1. by volume. Apply 5mm in 2 passes with wood/plastic float for a textured finish.

Protect each coat with Hessian covers for 72 hours min. In winter months protection should be for 5-7 days.

Protect against drying winds both hot and cold.

Dampened Hessian will protect against strong sun and will slow drying, enabling curing to take place.

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