Lime Putty

Sieved and unsieved. For mixing with aggregate to form lime mortars and renders.
Supplied in 15 litre tubs and one tonne bags

If you mix/combine lime putty and sand - this will require considerable effort, chopping, kneading, and beating the lime putty and sand together until a uniform colour is achieved. It is tricky to mix these materials to the consistency using modern site practices.

For optimum results use a mechanical mixer using a Roller Pan Mixer. This mixer combines the materials with no water needed. Other mixers will require lots of water but not a Roller Pan Mixer. Prior to use Lime putty mortars definitely benefit from additional maturing and reworking before application.

Lime Putty Mortars can be stored indefinitely in plastic buckets (airtight). However keep them away from frost and they must be reworked before use.

Lime Putty Mortars for Gauging is a similar mixing practice, this requires a proportion of hydraulic lime to complete the mortars. A significant difference is how the combination of gauging material in this case the hydraulic lime.

Mixing Hydraulic Lime and sand to make mortars on site by volume can be risky and potentially in-accurate. Hydraulic lime mortars can be mixed in most types of mixers however Pan Mixers are the norm.